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Re: Nice try VJL

>>>>>>>.....Be honest, what really brought you out, was the announcement by the PM that he was looking for a caretaker for the St Johns Constituency. A position you and your fellow travelers see as "your Birth right". So your piece is actually the opening salvo, in pursuit of your mission, to lead the citizens of the parish.No? Didn't mean to expose your hidden agenda mon amie, but whether the South-siders will accept a Northerner at the helm of our sloop, is debatable...... <<<<<<< ROTFLMAO


The little Sprat ah throw out dey was not intended to catch any Whale, as there were no hook attached to my line and besides, the wrong bait. Joana was just tired of eating the Caca-bawe, Bannan and Smoke Herring imported from Town and wanted to make ah likkle Sur-lei broff. But you seem nervous boi,? even believing that I had ulterior motives designed to advance some kind auv ah political ambitions.

Sah! (picture me with tears running down my cheeky face), you din have to weaponize your response to me with the above neferious accusation, one that would definitely get me more coakie-eye looks on my next visit to the French Quarters. Already, they had started with the rumors on my visit in January last year and heightened their suspicions evrn more, when I came back again in May. Worse yet, they saw me eating ah little fish in Fish Friday while chatting with me ole buddy, George, so you know!?. Some ah dem dat ah know, turn dey face and give me the ole French stretch-mouth as they passed. Heaven would have forbidden if they had seen me attempting to go up Morne St. Rose to get some of that "yellow skin" Water Lemmon and Penapiece they have up dey; worse yet, if I stopped to say howde-doo to my former nice, lovely neighbor and Teacher. All dem "Green skin" Gwana would have tracked me down through the Cornice Walk short cut while giving me "sand for sugar and stone for tight bread" in me tail. But by the time I made it up Boulevard de Depradine, they already started saying that I was by the Englishman.

Lord put ah hand with these people and dem sometimes.

So with your scandalous rebuttal of my innocent post, alluding to my venture into the political arena to wrestle power from them honorable goodly persons, next thing you will be saying is I intend to build my own bridge somewhere in the French Quarters. At the rate you are going, I won't be surprise if Mugaby declare me persona non grata, saying I am not ah Grenadian French Creole anymore.

Boss, during my last trip in May last year, I realized that my long absent from the French Quarters had given them enough time to take me "Parish" from me; particularly when I saw the Grand children of those who were children when I left, running things. When one of them told me who their Granmother was, I pulled out my calculator and quickly figured out that she had to be conceived when her Mother was about fourteen years old.

But the worse came when one late evening, while taking my little walk down Edward Street. I passed a group along the way and could have heard the shu-shuing, with one of them saying "a a! we have strangers in the place, boi!? I decided to cut my walk short that evening and returned back to being domicile in my Chateau, wandering if I had gotten on the wrong plain .

I am sure by now you must get the picture that the "Caretaker's position" requires a special brand of practitioner, one that is capable of acting the part. So I can say emphatically, No Sah! not me,  "me mouth to sharpen" for this kind of work, besides the other Frenchman, monsieur DeCoteau already has a lock on that job. You notice his strategy is staying clear from Grenadian politices? Smart he playing smart so.

The Monsieur from the French Quarters.

Re: Nice try VJL - by Downstreet - Jun 14, 2017 1:58pm