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Tony, A Frenchman To The Bones


I could not resist what seems to be a historical context in St.Paul's post below of a discussion we had here last year regarding the importance/ significance of surnames. It seems like yours were well documented in the pantheon of British atrocities, so much so, that you may have a legitimate claim to reparations on the grounds of crimes against humanity.

I wonder how does this note in History square with what had seemed to be your acceptance of our British subject status based on the glitter you had seen in Buckingham Palace on your last visit?

Or, does it matter as these DeCoteaux may not have been blood relatives anyway.

Still though, this reference must be of some intrigue to you as the British seemed to have an affinity for DeCoteaux necks.

>>>>.....This explains why the surname DeCoteaux is so plentiful on the British list of rebels that were executed. The entire Clozier family participated in the struggle. Many ended up on the list of executed rebels and others left the island never to return. What remained of them in La Grenade, became obedient British Subjects who went along to be educated in Great Britain and many were later grateful recipients of the honor of the British Empire!<<<<<

Monsieur Louison from the French Quarters on wandering if my peeps had fretted the British also.

Re: Tony, A Frenchman To The Bones

Whatever wars that were fought between France and England continues to be their problem. I have no doubt (even without supporting documents)that my DeCoteau lineage was most likely the result of a fling massa must have had with one of his wenches. So I have very little interest in researching the DeCoteau name per se.

My take.