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Clozier Decoteaux – love him or hate him; he is ours

Clozier Decoteaux – Grenadian born slave master, father, and nationalist. The Genesis of all Eastern Caribbean born people who carries the name. He was also a brother of Clozier D’Arceuil Fedon’s most trusted and capable logistic office.

Like all men like him of his time, he had faults and lived in a system with faults. But by the time of his death, CHANGE was happening. It was the same kind of cry for CHANGE we honor today and which gave us our first Mulatto President of the United States of America. There is HOPE in CHANGE we are told. Let’s be honest to values we preach or else just abandon the daily struggle. To do otherwise makes us plain simple hypocrites. When the British crushed the necks of those who dare resisted their oppression, it did not matter to them what race you were or if your mother or father were slave masters or slaves. Bastards and non bastards we hung on the same pole. By 1794, the community of resistors knew that. CHANGE was happening. The realization that it was us – THE NEW GRENADIAN – All ah we, against them, was very clear. And if we had won that battle, we (all together as one) would know who WE are today.

Will of Clozier Decoteaux Page 1
Will of Clozier Decoteaus Page 2
Will of Clozier Decoteaus Page 3
Will of Clozier Decoteaus Page 4
Will of Clozier Decoteaux Page 5
Will of Clozier Decoteaux Page 6
Will of Clozier Decoteaux Page 7
Will of Clozier Decoteaux Page 8
Will of Clozier Decoteaux Page 9
Will of Clozier Decoteaux Page 10
Will of Clozier Decoteaux Page 11

His will have some very interesting details worth understanding. I will discuss later…Any comments positive or negative are very much appreciated.