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Am I Dreaming??

Is it possible, that in the year 2017, 480 years after the Portuguese first introduced the horrors of African Slavery, to the Western World, learned Scholars of History, are on this forum, vying to proudly proclaim and identify themselves, as scions of their European slave masters? Wake me up, pleazze.
While that is going on, the African Elephant in the room, yes that one with the long memory, is waiting to hear mentions of, Dahomey, Benin, Cape Coast Castle, Cameroon, Kumasi, and Congo, Goree Island and the Rivers, Prah and Gambia, without success. The elephant lifted its trunk to speak, but Black hen chicken paid no heed, no one seemed to notice as they engaged in intense discussion about who is Frenchier than whom. They were oblivious to the African blood coursing through their veins, as they continued to extol the virtues of their adopted Aristocratic Francophile families, even if its Family, in name only.
Of course I could be wrong, and any day now, the L'anse could be flooded with family finding Frenchmen, and as Sparrow said, "fifty million Frenchmen cannot be wrong". I prefer to think however that this French Thang, is "nuttin but a G Thang," and that we should all wake up to the stark horrendous reality of Slavery, the stinking holds of the slave ships, reeking of human waste, and dead carcasses, the dehumanization of plantation life , the subjugation of men, the rapes of the women, the insidious whitewashing of the cultures, and identities of an entire race, substituting them with European whitewash.
It is curious that folks today are seeking to preserve the legacy and lineage of those sperm donor souls, which have been stoking the fires of Hell for centuries, for the rapes and misogyny perpetrated on their own ancestors. As for me, I am a simple Afro Caribbean, neither French or British proud to be John Q Downstreet, struggling to maintain dignity, and sanity in an oxymoronic ocean of lies. So while others can pine for the warm embrace of "Gay Paree", we on the South side have nutten but the cold shoulder for "Mutha" and are Brexiting away,from her clutches as fast as we can.