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A little story on the mother of Joachim Philip

Jeanette - mother of Joachim Philip

"....Monsieur Philippe"

"...Judith herself was the matriarch of one of the Caribbean’s more significant families.."

I find in quite annoying when professional historians and story tellers use the incorrect spelling of surnames. Philippe is usually a first name (Christian name) in French. The correct spelling of the family name is Philip!

Yes, the Philip family was very active and enterprising. But in my opinion, there were other families that were more "significant" that they were. The Clozier family had a longer history in Grenada, and had more wealth, and had a special relationship with the slave population compared with the Philips.

Louis Francois Clozier Chantemel - better known as Clozer Chantemel, was a much respected man of his village in St. Patrick. The village was eventually named after him, and the slaves who were owned by his family and who became his family, became a very close clan that stuck together when conflicts happened with surrounding villages. Nothing like this happened in Petite Martinique or Carriacou. These relationships are yet to be properly studied.