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Hey Downstreet/Selwyn, where were you?

Ominous as it was two summers ago, yesterday's morning weather in metropolitan New York was no different. My wife and I had absolutely no desire to be soaked again as we were that last time; so buoyed by the weatherman's focused, we decided to wait and see.

As if on queue, the torrential rains stopped almost exactly at 9.00 am, and before 11:00 we all knew that glorious sunshine would rule the day. And what a day it was!!! The backyard BBQ party at Mrs Carnice Alexis-Modeste's home to raise funds for the St. John's Educators Scholarship was a roaring success!
The food was varied as it was delicious, although to my disappointment no peas-soup was provided this year.
The DJ could not have done a better job. The music was an absolutely perfect mix of Soca, Reggae interspersed with some slow music. Even my 87year old mother-in-law couldn't resist getting up and shake "she pampalam."

If that was all there was, the afternoon/evening would still have been wonderful. The crowd was the added factor that made it a special, wonderful and enjoyable time.
Hey Downstreet/Selwyn, where were you? How come you were the only missing figure in the triumvirate as Zafar once referred to us? In addition to your "uncle" Verne, there were Gouyave, Grenadians and other Caribbean folks connecting the generations of old friends and their off-springs. Man, you should see your uncle wine!

Winter can be a horror, but its sting is easily bearable when the thought of wonderful summer afternoons/evenings are there beckoning to you.

Hey, same time, same place again next year, and big kudos to Ms. Alexis-Modeste and her able supporters in keeping alive a worthy cause!!