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Re: Myth and History! A must read for WE

He who controls your historical writings controls your destiny. The masses are forced to accept this using various methods of observing and controlling. A typical method is the association with education via GCE, CXE etc,. No surprise that Jesus Christ is the Lord and savior of the World when really he is the Lord and Savior of the European New World Order (NWO). As it is written when the Word is preached to every corner of the Earth then and only then shall the Antichrist come. Only the wise knows that the Antichrist is the completion of the Gospel (Spell Of God = 666) when the NWO takes effect.

Re: Myth and History! A must read for WE

We know that already. The question should be - what can we do to change that. And I will add that it is not just about historical writings, but a hell lot more. Most importantly your economic and financial development. But before we can take control of the development stages, we need to define ourselves. And the defining process involves starting with ourselves, at home. Your home is your base. Floating in the air and trying to accommodate the fragmented pieces of WestIndian culture – first, is the WRONG way. We tried that many times and FAILED miserably. We need to STOP and understand WHY we continue to FAIL. Repeating the same mistakes over and over again because it sounds good emotionally, is truly insanity. We don’t need an Einstein to tell us that.

The continent of Africa biggest complaint about the ICC (International Criminal Court) which Africans refer to as the (International Caucasian Court), is that since its inception, it has only prosecuted and jailed leaders and “radicals” out of Africa. So even in the field of implementing global JUSTICE, we are lacking. And if you study TRUE history, you would see that that was the case 300 years ago with us. So what does all this BIG talk about Massa this and Massa that do for us? Create notables in the so called Black Struggle? The nations that screwed us 300 years ago is still doing today. Right in front our eyes. And yet we stand in each other faces talking about the role of Massa in the miseries our people suffer today, while we selfishly enjoys the crumbs off his dinner table. We still can not do without Massa. But yet we enjoy the little ability he allows us with bits of USELESS talk about his past atrocities. Today Massa can sit in his house and with the stroke of a pen eliminate our abilities to feed and finance ourselves. Is that something to be proud of? What is the use of taking all that BS about Massa when we are so helpless TODAY? We feel good about OURSELFES, but that’s just it! This is why one word in our Calypso always shows up in the lyrics generation after generation – TALK! We preach that ‘Massa days done’. But yet we still find it convenient to hide behind his past atrocities and injustices against us as a way to deflect our inabilities generation after generation to get our act together. Globally we ALL still live in Massa’s House today. So don’t try to BS me about Massa this and Massa that. That worked in the 60’s, 70s, and 80s for my parents and grandparents who were impressed with the novelty of this new radical ideas preached by the better educated amongst our struggling people. But resulted in very little sustainable progress for us today! – as a PEOPLE. Individually many of us are doing well. But that is not People's Progress as reflected in all the silly names behind the acronyms of the names of our Caribbean political parties. NATIONAL. PROGRESSIVE. PEOPLE. UNITED. NEW. MOVEMENT. REVOLUTIONARY. etc.

The British just released a new plan involving spending MILLIONS on BBC to regain control of the minds of its young people at home and in its former Colonies. How much are WE spending to try and know what is ours? This comes right back to the heart of first sentence in your post. WHAT IS YOURS? Massa and his atrocities and injustices 300 years ago? “The BBC to be ‘reinvented’ they claim. We have not even invented. As long as they keep us preoccupied with Massa this and Massa that, half their job is done keeping us a dependable commodity to consume their productions and live in their underdeveloped Islands with our hats out waiting on a pound or dollar or Euro from their visitors. And that is only if their economy is good. When it's bad Dog eat our supper!

“BBC to be 'reinvented for a new generation'”