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Ah Frenchman feelin to partee.

Glad to see you folks enjoying yourselves in the big apple, or should I say "pomme rose". By the looks or things, the Sun King, Louis 14th. himself would have been proud to see the turn -out of French Nobility 100th removed, exhibiting the acquired decorum, and unnatural airs, at least until DJ Juke tung Jax decide to launch into break-ah-way mode.I could see it now, the lutes, flutes and mandolins got smashed by breadfruit bred butts, which had remained hidden under the satin and lace until then.

But it is good to see you cats living in the belly of the beast could keep having fun even as Drunk Uncle is at the wheel of the bus. You yourself, have gone through great pains to remind us that while you were imbibing French Champagnes and fine Wines, we Down street were swilling rot gut liquor, which burns through our organs converting our effluent to toxic waste, and kills every tree, we lean up against.

We proudly admit that we are always in "high spirits". And so are you apparently, and many of the courtesans at the gala wearing that brand new fragrance, "Eau du Titanic" I could smell it, over the Rivers from 2500 miles away.

Yes bwoi, while you fellahs were "shake shake shaking your booty" we down here were shaking in our shoes, every time we turn on the news. Can you enlightened expatriate Sons of the Spice, residing in the fatted laps of luxury, in the land of the free and home of the brave, please clarify for us plebians in the City that Never Sleeps, if we are staring at the "end of days", as the Free World is careening through the Universe with a certified lunatic at the controls?

I can well imagine the shame and embarrassment of those who gave the Nuclear codes to Homey the Clown, but what I cannot fathom is how the Trumpublicans could face the public every day, try to sell the Brooklyn Bridge, over and over again, and expect to be considered as anything but droppings from the Do Do bird?

People who know best are using terms such as, ignorant, arrogant, juvenile, liar, bully, racist, misogynist, crazy, all in the same sentence as President and Leader of the Free World. Are we all going to hell in a hand basket chock full of deplorables? Tell us Verntoni, tell us.

At first I thought that it was something they were puting in the Clarkes Court that made me hallucinate whenever I watched the News from Foreign on TV. You know how dey like to bad talk de C Court arreddy. After a week of drinking pure, natural, unadulterated Rivers, things didn't get better, it got WORSE. So I know it was NOT the RUM.

While all that is going on, down here mango is riping like crazy, except in Mango Palmer, no mango there, Jacks running, and Chinee food selling, life is GOOD all the time just remember in the land of L"boucherie, we live a care free life, no Obama Care, no Trump Care, no Medicare, but we ”livin good, in de naborhood".