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Storm Damage is Alive and well and all over Gouyave

Yeah Storm Damage is back, right here keeping de town dat nevah sleep wide awake tonight, rattlin de windows shreiking thru de locks, is everybody in their beds its past 8 0'Clock.

All place close since 12 today, NADMA say go home and tie dung you galvanize so it don't blow away. All boat on de beach, seine, sloop, canoe," tout baggai". You know we luv we "hurricane holiday", dung here, people shop till dey drop. Ching Hi Lo say customers storming he super market Down Street, he cant close the place, dey buying fancy ice cream an cake and ting, like if wuss come to wuss, dey go arrive at de Pearly Gates wid good ting in dey belly.. Mama San in de French Quarter say she have ah Storm Special call Hi Win Wings, she say dey flyin out of she wok. Ah pass ah madman wid ah humongus Bamboo kite, heading fuh Bricky Hill, wid ah ball ah twine dat could reach Venezuela, ah din tell him, dem Payull go shoot it dung.

When I get to de shop, de front door close tight as wax, we obey NADMA rules Down Street, so ah try de back. Mama yo! all man jam pack inside dey, drinkin de storm away. Big Dog de bartender announce ah Happy Hurricane special, call 'Dark an Stormy", he say he learn dat in Bermuda. Ah fellah jump up an say, "Dog you aint been to no Bermuda", Big Dog say, yeah. look at me shorts fool". Dog not saying, but dat Dark an Stormy ting taste like ah mixture of Mountain Jew an Jaze, but it goin dung good.

We already planning we strategy fuh Hurricane relief, from fust ting tomorrow mornin. So to borrow ah fraze for Donald Chump, "Verntoni if you are listening, send us some ham, salami and burgers,and Mac and Cheese, we tired wid all that USAid corn beef, since Ivan and Emily, we belching it all now.
Aye de wind an rain gettin bad, Sello signing off. See you on de udder side,if we get there.