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I hope you guys did not misunderstand Senator John McCain's comment as some of you so grossly misunderstood that very same point I made some years ago. Of course I'm no war hero, so presumably it's easy to interpret what I wrote in a way that I clearly did not mean. Some derisively advised me to "pack up and go if I don't like it here."
On the other hand unless you are capable of thinking like "the other guy" as Whoopi Goldberg likes to call him, there is no way that you can easily "dis" a bona fide war hero with scars to prove it like John McCain and the point he made.

In a recent speech, McCain denounced those who used spurious excuses like bone spur to dodge the draft during the Viet Nam war. The senator founded it incredible that the sons of the rich and famous were able to get doctors to write ridiculous prescriptions for them to avoid being drafted while the poor run-of-the-mill son had no choice but to go to war because he couldn't afford those doctors.

My only regret though is that John McCain did not follow up on the logic of his argument. He should have denounced in no uncertain terms those like Mitt Romney and "the other guy" who benefitted so much without serving, while those who served had to return in body bags or to beg for employment from those very same draft dodgers. Am I the lone wolf who sees it as though those poor soldiers had to sacrifice their limbs and/or lives in order to protect a system that allowed those rich draft dodgers to continue to enjoy America's wealth?

Why are the lives of the rich and famous more precious and therefore deserve salvaging more than your or my son? Why is it okay with Americans that those same dodgers are allowed to run for the presidency of the United States? And how in good conscience can they assume the mantle of being the ultimate American patriot than even the good soldier Senator McCain himself? That I could never understand nor unquestioningly accept.

Hey, y'all, John McCain and I differ because while we both used the same logic to decry the antics of the rich and famous, he did not follow up on that logic. Unlike him, I did.
That's why Muhammad Ali and those like him will always be my type of heroes. As easily as a rich son could avoid serving, so too should a poor son. Or, just as easily as a poor son is required to serve, so too should a rich son, period!
That's why I see nothing particularly noble, or to be proud of about serving in the military.
I certainly would see true heroism and patriotism when EVERYONE must serve.
Thank you, Senator John McCain.