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The Wild Wild Wild West

The Wild Wi
Back in the days, growing up Downstreet, the Wild Wild west existed only in Western movies, or paperback novels, which were traded back and forth between, friends until they either fell apart or were appropriated by some miscreant. That was before a pardner Kojo, from the East Side, spent a two week vacation with his aunt in the French Quarter, and started telling everybody that I was from the Wild Wild West.
To this day I never understood his reasons for hanging this on me, but I surmised that it was either the acting out of wanabe Frontier Cowboys, exiting Buonaparte's Movie Emporium, located in picturesque Downstreet By The Sea, or it could have been as a result of those nights cruising the Saloons and Honkytonks of the French Quarter, either way Kojo was convinced that I was a denizen of the Wild , Wild, West.

Never in my wildest dreams, did I envision that so many, many, years later, that some of my erstwhile brethren, will be living in the Wild Wild West in America, 150 years after the last Cowboy was supposed to have been laid to rest in Boot Hill. Who would have thought that the ghosts of all those evil characters, deftly played by, Jack Palance, Errol Flynn, Richard Widmark and Audie Murphy, will still be stalking the Land of the Free, and Home of the Brave , spreading terror,and leaving dead bodies of usually innocent men women and children in their wake.

But while all of this is going on, a traumatized and victimized nation, continues to bow to the will of those gun toting zealots, busy doling out viral Kool aid, and preaching to the deplorables, and thee duped to hang on to their guns fot dear life, regardless of the lives so cheaply wasted by the use of those lethal instruments. Because after all, guns dont kill, people do, and why should we give up our second Amendment rights, simply because men women, and children, are being slaughtered by gunfire every day. Who should you trust, your common sense, your lying eyes, or the righteous NRA, and the curfuffler in chief,Disaster Don.

At what point will Americans agree the right to bear arms granted by the Second Amendment of the Constitution, does not automatically cancel out the right of citizens to be safe, and free from the fear of death or injury by gunfire? If it is about protecting your home and family, why is the arsenal, going out the front door?
What is the use of automatic military style weapons, if not to kill or maim people?And while the gunslingers are out, blaming mental illness, liberals and anything but the proliferation of guns, for the horrendously high gun deaths in America, people are dying in their homes, the streets, churches and schools.

Perhaps what was most ironic about this sad state of affairs, was that the Chump was forced to speak on the subject in Japan of all places, a place which seriously restricts gun ownership, and where as a result, less people are killed or wounded by gun violence in one year, than one day in the good old USA. His talking points were, this was not the time to talk about guns, the shooter was mentally deranged, and Thank God there was another armed man on the scene, to shoot at the shooter. And the deplorables reached for the Kool Aid, gulped it down and belched. America is great again.

Re: The Wild Wild Wild West

Well written my brother, seems like you did not waste your time in primary school. The only problem here is that I wish this could have been read by those who continue to make that foolish statement that Guns don't kill, people do.

Re: The Wild Wild Wild West

Ditto to Wilton Thomas. Downstreet, you could not have expressed it any better!! Based on Tuesday's election results, it seems that we in America and the rest of the world too, will survive after all.

Re: The Wild Wild Wild West

Gentlemen, the country seems so polarized, that things could go either way.
America can go the way of Humpty Dumpty, and never be put back together again, of have a collective WTF moment, appreciate that it has allowed its baser tendencies to override, its commonsense and values, which has almost brought it to the brink of oblivion, and embark on truly making America great again. It need no be concerned about Disaster Don, who will be crowing from deep within the Trash Heap of History, "see I told you so, I did it all of it, I am the Greatest."

Some might argue that he is right. It might take the ascension of a "CHUMP", to the American Throne, to force the society to treat and in some cases surgically remove cancers, which has been growing within the "Body Politik" since 1776. Someone has to point out that the Founding fathers could not have possibly envisioned a militia on every block, and ten assault weapons in every suburban garage, when they enshrined the Second Amendment.

How would Honest Abe imagine, that 150 years after a war fought to end slavery, that Americans arm themselves with 300 million guns, to supposedly protect themselves from the "Darkies in the Hood", including their Kenyan leader who had the temerity to storm, and occupy their sacred White House for Eight Long Years, before being forcibly evicted by Donald, The Gran Duke of Orange.

But there is hope for the Homeland yet, the young Gen Xers, are not drinking the Kool Aid, served up on the dinner tables of their parents and grand parents. They have gone to College, cruised through cyberspace, and instantly sees through the lunacy, of poor hardworking people from the South and the Mid West, embracing a snake oil selling, City slicker from New York City as their leader. Or the Bible Belters sucking up to the lyingest, immoral, foul mouth misogynist, known to mankind. They cannot understand for the lives of them why they should hate, Lebron James, Jay Zee, Snoop Dog, and Kanye West, who they grew up with, and who has brought such joy and happiness, to their relatively short lives.

Re: The Wild Wild Wild West

Downstreet Sah!

The State of Our Affairs...... What Ah Mess!

When, sometime last month, you mentioned of me as "being in the belly of the beast", you had no idea that my survivability skills was being daily challenged by those unchained lunatics (rightfully referred to as deplorables). I used the word unchained only after realizing that we have, what seems to be a contaminated gene on the loose which may have arrived on the Mayflower when it landed on Plymouth Rock back in 1620. It seems to have undergone a chromosomial mutation with time, laying dormant while the contents of its mitochondria was being protected by the First Ammendment, then by the NRA. The end result now, is the mass weaponization of the populace without any regard for us, John Public. This carefully breeded group has now given us "159 deaths due to mass assignation alone; 26 of which were church members as they kneel in prayers; 26 little children as they sat in class; 49 in a night club and most recently, 58 as they attended a country music festival". Within their ranks are also the severely mentally challanged who rights to gun ownership they believe ought to be protected and they are poised to eliminate anyone who tries to separate them from their guns.

So in the belly of that beast, I tried to lay comfortable in a secured position hiding behind its Pancreas, while observing the deplorables; inebriated from drinking its bru of Hydrochloric Acid and Kyme while transforming themselves into little piles. They believe that they are blessed with the intestinal fortitude of a safe journey through the pathway of his Ascending, Transverse  and Descending Colon not realizing the inevitability of their francophonic designation as "Boue Molle" (Soft Mud) in its ....end.

In my neck of the woods, their intimidation against good, God-fearing citizens like myself are emblematic, first by the tattooed  Pick-up truck with the US flag (sometimes sported jointly with the Confederate one) then by some pale looking fello with tattoo all over his body, attempting to speak English..... the nasal version, that is. But up here, there are no shortage of gun-tooting individuals who take out their vengeance on those poor Deers, Wild Turkeys and the occasional Bear. My good broughtupsie in the French quarters has immunized me from their fright because I learned that despite being armed with their guns, they possess an inner phobia for the Cutlass.

So my friend, this is the new normal, a domestic cult, rival only by the one in North Korea but with a different purpose. One similarity they both have is that they are drinking from the same cup, may it be "kim jung juice or punch au trump".

Monsieur Louison from the French Quarters