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Re: The LOUISONS - part 2

This is some great work Monsieur Peter St. Paul. I am also a Louison, grandson of Egbert Louison (spelled Edgbut on the LOUISONS part 1). The names listed as his siblings are indeed my grand uncles, and his father was from St. Davids, as my Grand Uncle Llyle was able to confirm. Meaning that Vernon Louison, son of Victor Louison, is my cousin, one generation up.

I am also interested in salvaging the link to the Concord Louisons, as well as where the the name originated with respects to our ancestors (was it from the Louisons from the St. Davids plantation?). Of course this would be viable, as we know the Louisons before my grand father's generation were in St. Davids. But I want to understand if we are truly linked to the Louisons in St. Lucia and Trinidad, or if it is indeed just a coinsidence of having the same name. I had spoken to a Louison from Trinidad not long ago, and her grandfather was apparently a Louison from Martinique who fled during the volcanic eruption of 1902. So, these Louisons may only be a name coinsidence.

Keep up the fantastic work Monsieur!

Re: The LOUISONS - part 2

Monsieur KevLoui,

It is great to have your input on the extended Louison family. The original intent of the search was to find the Louisons of Gouyave as they developed from the early 1700s to the end of the Fedon Rebellion and emancipation. But as pieces of the links were put together, it is beginning to look like the Louison family were extended and concentrated in other parishes. They all seem to have some kind of connection to Louisons who came to Grenada under French rule, most likely from Saint-Domingue. I am not certain yet if they were white or mixed race – or both, who owned slaves. Michel Louison who moved to Trinidad from Grenada in the 1780’s, were on a list of blacks and coloreds. So we know he came from a Louison family in Grenada in the 1700s who were not white French. There are lot more documents to be looked at that will present a clearer picture of the development of the Louisons in Grenada.

From the French archives on Martinique in 1769, a Mr Louison is documented with his slaves born in Africa freed around that time. There are also Louisions in Guadeloupe and a very big population in Haiti. They all left links that we can put together that links a common heritage.

It was interesting to see in the British Slave Register for Grenada that there existed a Louison listed as a Carib Slave. He is documented from 1829 to 1835 leading up to emancipation. He was on the Westerhall Estate in St David’s, but ended up in St. George’s by 1835. I am still working on finding out if the Louisons who took part in the Fedon rebellion, and who left children I can trace from Estates in Gouyave after they were defeated. The slave schedules in the sales of the estates might give some clues.

Louison Name in Martinique 1769

Louison Name in Martinique 1769 with list of slave names


1829 Carib Louison

In 1833 Carib Louison

In 1834 at 37.7 Years old Carib Louison


Sebastien FRANCOIS LOUISON of Guadeloupe discuss using new technology to grow bananas and make farming a sexy occupation - again

Re: The LOUISONS - part 2

I am one of the sons of Fitzroy Louison of Concorde who I know passed away several years ago. I was bought up in London and didnt meet my father until adulthood. I am planning a trip with my teenage daughter this August and would like to reach out and meet any or all of my relatives who are still around. any help would be much appreciated.