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Hey Merle I was sitting by D bay Pelting Stones in D sea for 3 months LOL.yes GIRl 3 months in Gouyave what are time,Fish broth nearly every day,i even sample D LION fish as well.I heard Tony was There BUT these folks Fraid Gouyave they Breeze Through,Not me I taking d full Works,WAS there when REGINALD Passed Away,(GIRL d CEMETRY what big Eye Sore GIRL Gouyave cemetery is the Worst kept cemetery in D Whole OF Grenada,Am not Asking that Question Am saying That cause I see with my 3 eyes (LOL) MUD,BUSH,OLD GRASS,Water Ditch,Leaking Roof,No proper Walkway,Seats is covered in Lalley always full of water,No where to sit,(So where is THE MINISTER for GOUYAVE Is there ONE?as I didn't C one only people Canvasing for ELection, THE lance Bridge is Taking shape slowly but Surely, ANOTHER ting I notice d beggers ar ON d rampage Every hour of d day,and U are not getting BEG just ONCE Every time they C U is BEG in U A**S LOL,LOL.I never SAW DJ Arthur somebody said to me he is HOLED up in some Foreign country He only makes ar Flying Visit once ar Year By carnival To c dem Naked WINING GALS LOL,BUT I had A nice TIME Every Body was Nice and Friendly as Usual.(C U Gouyave soon again) MELO


Hey Melo, I met up with Selo, Mr. Beginner, (not that other impostor Selwyn, lol) while crossing the temporary bridge, but he never mentioned that you were also in Gouyave. Oh man, it would have been nice after all those many years. Hopefully there'll be next time.

Boy I could spend a year vacationing in Gouyave, but when other commitments are factored in, I regretfully can't stay as long as I would like. Take care.