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Merry XMas and salt ham cutters to all.

Well seeing as how ah did give dis T/S ah break, ah feel dat in de spirit of Crissmus ah should hail out my breddren, at least those dat still alive. Well fellahs all is nice on we side ov Depradine Street. Men from forein come by de shop an dey runnin de bread. "Saltfish Head" de barman is servin 'salt ham cutters" and de shop is buzzin.
Arround here de talk is about election, but nobody know when. But ah fellah say he know dat its coming because somebody start ah rummour dat we find oil. Yuh notice how jes before every election we does find oil, an de day after we does lose it till anodder election call.

De next talk in de shop is dat we gettin ah railroad from China. So ah fellah under de oil say "ah railroad all de way from China to Grenada? is dat a bullet train? Den ah pardner say, nuh China go build ah railroad arround Grenada? Annoder fellah say, Didnt Winty want to build ah bridge and ah tunnel to Carriacou? den de argument start about wey de train station go be, on de Lanse or Downstreet? De bartender say it going to be in de Nutmeg pool, Gran Central on Central Depradine. an anybody who doh agree better doh touch he salt ham, an dat was dat.

So me padners from Hingland,Canadah and de USA all come down from de cold and enjoying de Spice Island vibes. Dey cant get over havin to carry two cell phones, and have to wait for days in line to pay dey land taxes, bills, and to see ah bank teller. Dey say dey have more cars in de place dan small jax, and all dem picky head gals become 'Weave Indians'. Dey complain about poor customer service in stores and office and de breakdown of discipline on de roads. Dey also concern about crime and the attitudes towards it, and how nobody doing any agriculture.
So ah order ah round ah Rivers and tell dem, doh worry wid dat is so we dey, and when we find oil we go be like ah likkle Trinidad and ah likkler Venezuela.
Yuh find ah wrong?
About de agriculture ting, me padner Downstreet did write ah piece suggesting "1000 Mexicans" as ah solution to de pure Jungle taking ovah Pure Grenada, Mama San say why not 1000 of her cuzzins, after dey build de Railroad,Cheers everyone.