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" Meeting at the Cross-roads of yet another decision."

As the atmosphere of this heated election year is upon us, we Grenadians find ourselves at the cross-roads of making a decision that would impact our country for the next one hundred years, if not more. The last time we were faced with this predicament was in 1979, when at the point of a gun, the choice was made for us under the pretence that it was one "of the people".
In retrospect, the consequences of that period (1979 to 1983) remain debatable as to whether it was a deadly exercise in futility or one of robbing Grenadians the opportunity of their political and economic autonomy.

It was the quickest transitional diversion Grenada had undertaken and one which had embroiled our once innocence into a chaotic, tumultuous, entanglement of insecurity. As such, we shifted quickly back to the status quo we had abandoned, this time, with a "somewhat new vision" of the dominant world around us.

Two hurricanes later, we Grenadians woke up to find ourselves with a devastated economy; $1.7 billion owing in debt; an austerity program that plummeted our peoples' quality of life to basic sustainability levels and an unemployment rate hovering over 40+%. We were back to "Square one" of our nation building efforts and in a partnership with a world that was all willing and able to help but with the humiliating caveat of first acknowledging our new bankruptcy status. The choice now facing us meant that we had to place our necks under the Guillotine of the International Monetary Fund and prayed with the "God of Happy Hill" for a deliverance of some sought but with a different outcome than the faiths which were meted out on Guyana and Jamaica in 1983 and 2010 respectively.
The Master, in his infinite wisdom had decided to remove the Guillotine but left us with our God of choice.

And so we pressed on, taking seemingly advantage of any and everything that looked like a deal ; walked like a deal; talked like a deal or smelled like a deal.We did not discriminate; from Taiwan; to China; to Germany; to the USA and the Middle East. Those bearing gifts were welcomed with opened arms. Others with ideas were cast aside until such time they were able to qualify and quantify them to apease our God with his desperate need for CASH!

We applied "the economic theory of survivability" with all its rhetoric. It had enabled us "to borrowed from Peter to pay Paul and when Peter complained, we borrowed from Tom. And when Tom complained, we reminded Paul of our good payment record, hence our counting on him again to save us".

One can recall that the Gods of Taiwan did not fall for this because they remembered their relationdhip with us. It was one where they showered us with expensive gifts only to be dumped at the street corner like a common Whore when we found more willing and better accomodations. They demanded their money back and threatened to expose our desires of wanting only a quick......fix.

All during this time, the people of Grenada prayed on their bruised Patella to any God that would deliver them out of this green Garden of Eden; infested, they believe, with poisonous fruits and serpentine venom. And low and behold, their prayers seem to have been answered by yet another "new God".

So this election coming would be more so an exercise in deliverance, this time it would be a choice of who the Deliverer of our Grenadian people would be. But we all should remember that this new and generous God, like all others that preceeded him, would eventually demand sacrifices of appeasement to be made, our autonomy be damned.

The next election would indeed be our deliverance day.

For Talkshop Selwin,

This would be a chance to redeem your self, so please do not make the same mistake you made with your calculation when you told us, "Hillary would win by 4 points". Please check and re-check you sums and factor in the "GKAI" (Grenada Ketch #ss Index) in your calculations.

We await your prediction and please don't tell me "the Chinese are going to win"

Monsieur Louison from the French Quarters

Re: " Meeting at the Cross-roads of yet another decision."

Happy New Year VJL. I cant say that I agree with your premise that this election will be as earth shaking as to impact Pure Grenada for the next 100 years. Not unless Jesus and his Ten Disciples magically appear on the Ballot through some Divine Intervention.
Down here in the Spice all is mellow, the politicos strut their stuff on the stages around the country, ably backed up by the hottest Soca artistes and DJ sound machines. The crowd, bused in for the event, parade in their Colours, munching on KFC and washing it down with Carib, and Stag. Ahhh, life is good in these parts, and with 80 degrees and spice laden breezes,to boot.The Beat goes On.

No one seems to mind that many, on or around the stages, had changed colors from Revo Red to Hearts of Gold, to Jolly Green Giant Green, without missing a Soca Beat.Abracadabra or Alibabba, Aah Its all the same Khaki pants to we.We sleep well at night knowing thatThe New Political Class is firmly in charge, regardless of what stripes they find fashionable that week. And the Beat goes on.

We live in a conundrum wrapped up inside of an enigma. If you think life in Trumps America is exciting, you should check us out down here.Last time I looked all the cocoa nutmeg and banana fields were pure rain forests, we produce nothing,export nothing, yet the air waves are rife with reports of how great our economy is doing, and how international financial institutions such as the World Bank and IMF are busy showcasing the Grenada economy as a model for the world to follow. Really? Pure Grenada which once produced 90% of its fresh fruits and vegetables is now importing, Cabbage, lettuce Celery, Tomatoes, and string beans from Overseas? The supermarket is now our kitchen garden. But the beat goes on.

And the beat goes on and on, and galloping crime, and lawlessness keeps pace with it. Read the newspapers and one would wonder if they are confusing crime free Grenada with the free for all criminality of TnT. But the greatest dangers to human life are on the roads of the country. Not necessarily caused by narrow roads, hairpin turns, lack of guardrails and tire busting potholes, yeah we have those, but the real menace are the 40,000 drivers all rushing to go nowhere, the blinding halogen headlights at night, the use of one third or the already narrow roadway for private parking, or abandoning wrecks,and the general uncouth and callous conduct of those who use it. But the beat goes on.

But don't cry for us VJL,Talkshop Selwyn say Oil and Gas is on the way.He say we are going to pump so much, we will have to give Venezuela and Trinidad ah bligh. That Sello knows things. Last year when Mama San close she place in the French Quarter, Sello say doh worry she going to come. Next thing he announce in the shop, dat Mama San Wattsapp him to say that she cuzzin Chung Quing Lo is the assistant Deputy of Some big thing over dey, and dey have ah Master plan fuh Grenada. New Airport, New Port, Highway around the island, De Spice Train will be on the track.Everybody laff,and then Brapps!, its all over the internet. I told you that you should not have sold you land in Ben Naggo, a cruise port may be headed for the French Quarter, soon as that Bridge finish.But never mind that, because, the beat goes on.

Re: " Meeting at the Cross-roads of yet another decision."

Sah!A happy New Year to you also.I pray that with the continuing "devine intervention of the Chinese", you would be afforded " safe passage without himdrance "over we new Ponce`de L`ance and arrived back safely to you abode to practice your "Englishness".

And Sah! As you have already engaged in bestowing the proper salutation to "the Mama Sam Group",referring to them as " Jesus and his Ten Commandments" you have begun to make the transition of respecting the hands that would feed all of us, as the impending new Grenada Economic Plan from Mama goes into effect.

I can see them making you Minister of Mobilization to ensure that the new and free Monorail transportation System, (especially the line to the suburban French Quarters) is working smoothly.

Of course, none of this is included in the manifesto of the political parties but sit back and wait, you would eventually realize that is exactly what the people voted for; a free economic revitalization program, one which impact would supass the French influence of 1650 to 1762 and the British from 1763 to currently.

"Dat was never on the ballot hence we din vote for it" so Sah! start brushing up on you Mandarin when dey start passing out dem little handbooks. It may not be pretty, if you failed your indoctrination classes.....lol

But beyond the pomp and pageantry; the salicious gyrations of on-stage performances and the ostentatiousness of the political attires, on March 13 2018, Grenadians would be called upon to choose which political party they believe is best suited to govern our country.

And all during the next few weeks, the presentation of the parties manifesto would be front and center and come to a crescendo with some major pronouncement from the ruling party. It would be the piece de re`sistance of its political philosophy, aimed at solidifying its intention in the minds of the populace, while preparing the undecided for conquering their uncertainty with a vote in its favor.

As a youth growing up in the French Quarters, I recall the eerie feeling of surreality and a calmness in purpose during the early morning hours on election day, as the electorate come face to face with contemplating that decision. They would walk past their political rivals and sometimes antagonist just a day before, with some being overly polite in their salutations so as not to cause any disturbance whatsoever to the task at hand. For some, it would be the most important decision they would make in their life time. For others, it would be their chance to avenge their loss of the previous election; something they had waited for, in most cases, for five long years.

And as if time had stood still, one could have observed the stoic expressions on the faces of the election officers, who were charged with attending the polling stations. Their sense of purpose added importance to the order of the day, with no uncertainty as to their understanding the significance of the process and the power of their authority to ensure the peoples' business is not interrupted.

This 2018 election would be nothing short of that but only to the extent that the populace have a clear understanding of their undertaking; a highly debatable concern as most, do not. They are programmed to see only the colors Green and Yellow. But with the underpinnings of this exercise and the "hoopla" associated with it, comes the poignant truth that in the long run, Grenadians (meaning every man,woman and child) would not be delivered into the promised land of economic prosperity by holding in their hands, over $17, 000 per capita in just public sector debt alone and growing exponentially with every additional dollar we borrow. Worse yet, it comes with an economic off-set against $ 9,400 in Gross Domestic Product per capita.

To put this in layman's terms, "our progressive government" allows us to borrow $17, 000 to produce $9,400 in goods and services and to remain in a repetitive cycle that keeps us in a state of perpetual borrowing in order to finance our seeming prosperity.

Today, as the significance of the debt seems to be taking traction in a court of Law as a means of impeding the efforts of both parties to increase its level, I cannot help but point to the fundamental design of our democracy which encourages this mess! to be sanctioned by our Governor General in the name of some Queen in a foreign land. Any Economist/political leader who is worth their grains of salt cannot subscribe to this abominable act of leadership without engaging in professional and intellectual dishonesty. Obviously it is a craft some would have no trouble whatsoever in practicing.

But tell me, how in the dickens can we expect to lead Grenadians into that promise land, with them holding more debt per capita than their GDP per capita? The answer to this can be found within the Chinese Banking Industry (the " New God of gifts and free stuff").
In this business of government finance banking, there is money to be made in debt financing and purchasing and it is precisely there that China is investing. Their economic plan for our country is tantamount to the proverbial nail being driven in our Grenada's coffin. We are at the point where our voting NNP or NDC on March 13 is really immaterial because our government has already sold us down the river by "hanging our hats where it has now become impossible for our hands to reach". And I remember another axiom of " He who pays the Piper, calls the tune" which seems more apro-po to our calamity.

Monsieur Louison from the French Quarters

Re: " Meeting at the Cross-roads of yet another decision."

>>>>>>VjL wrote........But tell me, how in the dickens can we expect to lead Grenadians into that promise land, with them holding more debt per capita than their GDP per capita? The answer to this can be found within the Chinese Banking Industry (the " New God of gifts and free stuff").<<<<

Bro I think you are overthinking this. There is no latter day "Moses" with any intent to lead Grenadians to the Promised Land. How could there be, when we could not even be lead them to their own lands, behind their homes,what we used to be called "we Kitchen Garden".

We have fast become a "Welfare society" begging bread from top to bottom.The evening news is crammed with announcements of grants, loans, and donations bestowed on pure Grenada. The RGPF is showing off its brand new fleet of vehicles, some reminiscent of props in a Bruce Lee movie, in its dogged pursuit of criminals and lawbreakers.We are a Christian Country, I have often heard, and I believe that the Bible said something about Manna from Heaven, so what if Heaven changed its location from the West to the East, as long as which ever God continues to "RUN DE BREAD".

It would behoove which ever party which emerges victorious in the next election to seek assistance from any and all sources to formulate a comprehensive development plan,with adequate financing,to develop the nations economy, based upon Agriculture, Agro Industry, Fisheries, Tourism, and maybe even finance if our new friends designates us as the hub for regional funding.