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" Meeting at the Cross-roads of yet another decision."

As the atmosphere of this heated election year is upon us, we Grenadians find ourselves at the cross-roads of making a decision that would impact our country for the next one hundred years, if not more. The last time we were faced with this predicament was in 1979, when at the point of a gun, the choice was made for us under the pretence that it was one "of the people".
In retrospect, the consequences of that period (1979 to 1983) remain debatable as to whether it was a deadly exercise in futility or one of robbing Grenadians the opportunity of their political and economic autonomy.

It was the quickest transitional diversion Grenada had undertaken and one which had embroiled our once innocence into a chaotic, tumultuous, entanglement of insecurity. As such, we shifted quickly back to the status quo we had abandoned, this time, with a "somewhat new vision" of the dominant world around us.

Two hurricanes later, we Grenadians woke up to find ourselves with a devastated economy; $1.7 billion owing in debt; an austerity program that plummeted our peoples' quality of life to basic sustainability levels and an unemployment rate hovering over 40+%. We were back to "Square one" of our nation building efforts and in a partnership with a world that was all willing and able to help but with the humiliating caveat of first acknowledging our new bankruptcy status. The choice now facing us meant that we had to place our necks under the Guillotine of the International Monetary Fund and prayed with the "God of Happy Hill" for a deliverance of some sought but with a different outcome than the faiths which were meted out on Guyana and Jamaica in 1983 and 2010 respectively.
The Master, in his infinite wisdom had decided to remove the Guillotine but left us with our God of choice.

And so we pressed on, taking seemingly advantage of any and everything that looked like a deal ; walked like a deal; talked like a deal or smelled like a deal.We did not discriminate; from Taiwan; to China; to Germany; to the USA and the Middle East. Those bearing gifts were welcomed with opened arms. Others with ideas were cast aside until such time they were able to qualify and quantify them to apease our God with his desperate need for CASH!

We applied "the economic theory of survivability" with all its rhetoric. It had enabled us "to borrowed from Peter to pay Paul and when Peter complained, we borrowed from Tom. And when Tom complained, we reminded Paul of our good payment record, hence our counting on him again to save us".

One can recall that the Gods of Taiwan did not fall for this because they remembered their relationdhip with us. It was one where they showered us with expensive gifts only to be dumped at the street corner like a common Whore when we found more willing and better accomodations. They demanded their money back and threatened to expose our desires of wanting only a quick......fix.

All during this time, the people of Grenada prayed on their bruised Patella to any God that would deliver them out of this green Garden of Eden; infested, they believe, with poisonous fruits and serpentine venom. And low and behold, their prayers seem to have been answered by yet another "new God".

So this election coming would be more so an exercise in deliverance, this time it would be a choice of who the Deliverer of our Grenadian people would be. But we all should remember that this new and generous God, like all others that preceeded him, would eventually demand sacrifices of appeasement to be made, our autonomy be damned.

The next election would indeed be our deliverance day.

For Talkshop Selwin,

This would be a chance to redeem your self, so please do not make the same mistake you made with your calculation when you told us, "Hillary would win by 4 points". Please check and re-check you sums and factor in the "GKAI" (Grenada Ketch #ss Index) in your calculations.

We await your prediction and please don't tell me "the Chinese are going to win"

Monsieur Louison from the French Quarters