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when is the next reunion?

Good Morning when is our next Gouyave reunion ?

Re: when is the next reunion?

Hello, New York. After the first and only one back in 2009, we were hoping and planning that we would do it again every four years. For 2013, we asked for all interested parties to let us know if they would be coming, and what activities they would like. I believe we got about 5 positive responses while others complained about the cost of the tickets, etc. etc. It is sad to see a good thing die, but as a result we disbanded the idea.

Hopefully someone else, maybe yourself might one day restart it.

Re: when is the next reunion?

I asked this question so many times, the last time 2009 was great but the rain spoiled it somewhat, let's have another 2019 would be a great year to have it. But it should be called ST John's Renunion, make Gouyave the Centre of Grenada Mini Carnival on the Sunday. make it a week long celebration.

Re: when is the next reunion?

Barbaney? That was the nickname of Michael Sapotee's first son. I forgot his real name. Are you related?

You are likely to keep on asking the same question many times more if someone, like you for example, don't grab the reins and do it. Good idea though. Good luck!!!

Re: when is the next reunion?

Hey tony (Barbaney) real Name was CEATON Michael sappote SON,

Re: when is the next reunion?

Sorry I took so long to response that would be great.. there are lots of clubs here in the Brooklyn area.