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Re: A raging bull on ts way to the abattoir

Hey Vern, greetings from the "Oil of Spice" where every ting, is nice nice, nice. De landslide come down last night, and bury everybody and every ting dat aint green. Today de spice is one big happy hour. You padner Selwyn is still on his election hustle, he say he chargin $5, to take yellow jersies off the hands of de losers, if dey will buy ah green one for $25.00 from him. That way dey can blend in at de Victory parties. That Selwyn sure know how to make ah money.

Don't believe for minute that I am not feeling your pain. We know that you live in a circus run by Homey de Clown,who is as clueless, as he is vile and disgusting and dangerous. But you must have seen it coming since the brute entered the American Bullring two years ago. Some time ago I posted my concern about the ugly underbelly of the society which calls itself the greatest Country,aka Show on Earth. Well the rampaging bull has torn the scab off, exposing the Racism, Misogyny,and Hippocracy, which allows the White supremacists, the evangelicals and the republicans, to posture as righteous and moral citizens while sumptuously dining on 'Caca Boeff' served up by the Chump.

Yep all ah dem God fearing, bible thumping shysters, were busy killing the Obamma family, for visiting the CHURCH of Rev. Wright, remember that? while embracing a guy who pays hush money to prostitutes, fornicates with multiple women out of wedlock, and grabs those he can by the p---sy. I guess white is right, but Wright was wrong.

Poor people from the boonies have drank the Kool aid, and convinced themselves that a spoiled rich brat from NYC who has never empathized with their kind for 70 years, will now be their angel. Seriously?

So intoxicating is that witches brew (who say ah din read Shakespeare}, that they even forget that their parents ad grand parents were emigrants coming to America for a better life, or that two of the three wives of their grand exulted ruler, are so foreign, that they are yet to speak the lingo.

Well they got what they voted or paid forard now they are riding the clown car, all the way to the flaming gates of Hell. My advice to you Vern, is to hop off! Hop off, the way you would if Chuff bus bung away on Mabouya Hill.