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Re: Is it true that VJL is in the running for one of the White House jobs


I do not possess the qualifications, neither do I have the proper acumen, nor of the right pedigree to be considered for any position in that Fish Market.

You see Sah! first of all, I am financially challenged, hence cannot afford to pay the going rate of $130,000 a pound to any fish vendor for Salt Fish, despite being complemented with two big Breadfruits.Furthermore, Selwin had warned me that even we Caca-ba-we taste better. How he know dat, is beyond me!.

But Sah! since the price of meat in general has skyrocketed, I have decided to be a vegetarian. And in this White House, where all Tom, Dick and Harry seem to have a voracious appetite for fixing the price of red meat, my potential employment among that group may get approval from Tom and Harry but dat mushy-head other one will certainly reject my application due to my generic biological predisposition; a challenge to his machismo.

But all of this job availability in the White House is only a display of White privilege. Who gets it or not depends on the hue of the pedigree of dog occupying the residents at the time. History provides us with the knowledge that this "job thing" was the initiative of POTUS Kennedy and he had jobs in ah ploto!. The notorious POTUS Clinton, took it to another level when he had Secretary of State, Monica at his desk, Morning, noon and night giving him jobs report. Poor jab POTUS Obama, he was stuck with Michelle at his side implementing health care instead of jobs.....some say he was being threatened.

So you see Sah, ah hate to disappoint you but me so cannot get ah White House job, maybe as exterminator, besides that place is nasty like hell.

As for the Salt Fish, the price is too high.

Monsieur Louison from the French Quarters

Re: Is it true that VJL is in the running for one of the White House jobs

VJL, I am very disappointed in You , since I jes learned dat de Dangerous Don has chosen his former caddy to replace his Communications Director Hope Hicks. I know dat you used to be a golfer, did't Tiger once slice de ball straight on your noggin at the Westchester Open, some time back.

Well I was hoping, like Hope,dat you would bring some L'anssanity to the place and curb the "not so Don Juan" who pays so dearly for de ting he say he gcould grab for free, but de job gone, de Caddy got it, and de CADDYSHACK at 1600 Pensylvania, will continue rocking and rolling.

What I wonder is how long it will take those "Hamerrican Peeeple" to say Oh Sheeeettt, we EFFED UP, back up de garbage truck and dump de whole Circus in de American Perseverance. When will the Democrats choose a leader who will call out dem Republican Hippocrates by name, and ask dem point blank, Senator Sir, are you supporting these positions, put forward by Dumb, Dumpster Don.

Dey say if you live long enough you will one day see below black ants belly, so here is what I found there.

An rich white brat from NYC could fool farmers in the Midwest to believe he is their savior.
Ah dumb Republican wannabee could embrace Vladimir Putin and still have de Repub stuff shirts support that.
Ah fellah who marry three times and paying for pu-ss-y when he aint getting enough free is de new Jesus for de Satan-gellicals.
Everybody in America needs a gun in case de Gouyave-ament threaten to take away dey fredom
America aint Great until Black people is put back in dey place.
Now dat three hundred million ALIENS have settled in America, its time to barr de door and build a wall to keep Mexicans out.
Every restaurant in every America City and every farm in the Countryside is powered by Mexicans, so who is gonna feed de nation.
Anyway its pass my drink time, and Selwyn is buying tonight.