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Becaiuse of the lack of Interest in the forum, i have stoppped paying for a service that FEW persons use.

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Anybody seen or heard from me pardner VJL

Ah gettin worried, the way young young fellahs jes passin out these days. An check de obits, he en dey, ah check de nick names dey like to call dedd peeple, doh look like he dey.Ah was waitin to gee him ah good cut tail in de senior swimming race on 29th June, but he was ah no show.Somebody musta tell he dey see me practising in Bennago.

So ah check wid media from Cuba, North Korea, Russia, China and Petite Martinique, de bwoy aint dey. Vanished into thin air like wen Shuff leave de quarter block of ice in de hot sun outside Copie shop, dat time.

VJL if you win de Mega Millions, gee me ah call, ah aint gonna tell no body, as long as ah get ah panquai on de side,call me Bro