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My sympathy to the family of Ruben Rogers. Growing up in Gouyave, I knew him as Ruben (Miss Nathaniel) living by the nutmeg pool. It took me a while to recognize the name until someone reminded me. May his soul rest in peace

Re: sympathy (Ruben "Miss Nathaniel" Rogers)

Thank you, Merle. Your post helped me to remember the deceased. All Gouyave knew "Ruben, Miss Nathaniel," but I won't be surprised that few of us knew or remember him as Ruben Rogers.

A strong giant of a guy was he, and we may also recall him as one of the guys who operated Bonaparte's cinema downstreet.

May he rest in peace.

Re: sympathy (Ruben "Miss Nathaniel" Rogers)

HI merle & Tony I to remember RUBEN We went to school @ the same time,I thought he was in a different country(RIP RUBEN)