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Becaiuse of the lack of Interest in the forum, i have stoppped paying for a service that FEW persons use.

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Re: Nurse Branch

YES TONY I REMEMBER THAT very said incident (LOL) we was practicing for a SCHOOL PLAY and I was tapping on a bottle to Keep the Timing and suddenly the bottle got broken and landed on my instep.FUNNY I can still see the slight Scar on my instep LOL,

Re: Nurse Branch

I only just saw the obituary for Nurse Branch and although I did not know her, my grandmother Nen Maudlyn often gave the account of my birth informing me that Nurse Branch was the midwife who oversaw my entrance into this world. I would therefore through this medium place on record my profound gratitude for the part she played in escorting me safely into this world. She was often spoken of very fondly by my grandmother.