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The Earthquakes

Greetings to all. I feel compelled to use this medium to comment on 'shaking up' that we experienced on Tuesday 21st and to a lesser extent on Wednesday 22nd. Actually I didn't feel the one on Wednesday, it was my young cousin Niquana who came from her room and asked, "Auntie Pansy, you didn't feel this one?" But I definitely felt the one on Tuesday which was the longest and strongest I have ever felt. I was sitting next to the computer trying to keep cool in front the fan when I heard a noise and I saw the fan dancing, I turned and saw the knick knacks on my bookcase. That was when I realized that this was an earthquake. I sat suspended waiting for it stop but it wasn't busy to do so, so my next panicked thought was, "Drop, cover..... Where...?" I dropped to the floor, crawled under the computer desk and sat waiting for it to end but...I'm wondering now how I fit there, there was certainly no cover there and mercifully there was nothing falling to injure me. I never thought of much more solid dining table a few feet away. I laugh at it now but the questions that we are left with as a nation is no laughing matter. "Are we prepared physically for any natural disaster?" "Are we spiritually ready?" Several persons are commenting that what happened was a warning that we should repent, some say that we have to pray more, others will perhaps comment that this is a natural phenomenon that has occurred throughout the ages. It depends on what our frame of reference is. My frame of reference is the Bible which says that in response to his disciples' question as to what would be the sign of His coming and the end of the age he said there will be earthquakes in diverse places. When I consider the image burnt in my brain of a band of young people, some as young as nine years old, jumping up cocking up their bottoms in the air and 'wining" more than an ice cream can, I have to say we need to get down in the proverbial sackcloth and ashes and repent as individuals, as churches and as a nation to see a revival of good parenting, morality, the fear of God and spiritual revival and proper preparation to meet with God.