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John Winston Glean also known as “Makeke” of Gouyave, passed away

Thanks for including the nickname, otherwise I probably would still be wondering who the deceased was. To us, his Gouyave contemporaries, he was Winston Frederick, aka Makeekee.

He was the character I referred to in A PLACE CALLED GOUYAVE as Ma-kee, "the younger brother I longed to have." Like Selo, Bascombe, Jigoree, Pork Sauce, Sticky Poe and the many others, KeeKee was instrumental in my growing up in the area of Gouyave that w e called "The New Street Boys." Years later when I returned and visited him, I could hardly believe that the young, robust, muscular Keekee had deteriorated into a pitiful figure that illness had completely over-ridden.

Walston "Figs" Romain(RIP) was the first to point out to me as it turned out, that A PLACE CALLED GOUYAVE was really my way of inadvertently keeping alive the memories of those dearly beloved friends of our youth. Therefore it is with a heavy heart that I bid Kee-Kee goodbye as he takes his leave to move on to that eternal realm that we all will return, sooner or later.

To all his relatives and friends, I extend my sincere condolences. Rest in peace John Winston "Makeekee" Frederick Glean. May the good Lord bless and keep you, my brother.

Re: John Winston Glean also known as “Makeke” of Gouyave, passed away

Commiseration and sympathy to makeke family and friends on his passing,Popular and well known Friend and dedicated fisherman in his strengthful fit days,As tony already mention he was our friend in his days,And i always made it my duty whenever i visited GRENADA (D LANCE)to always C him.WELL MAKEKE REST IN PEACE.(MELO)