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The Passing of Norris Mathura known as "Lemrick Ford"

If I did not read the death announcement closely I would have missed this.
The passing of Norris Matura known as "Lemrick Ford" of La Fortune, St. Patrick who reside in Maran St. John a well known cyclist and long distance runner who also worked with 19 Debelotte in the garage across from the Nutmeg Pool, also had a shop in Maran passed away and will be buried 11 March 2019.

Re: The Passing of Norris Mathura known as "Lemrick Ford"

Lemrick was an inspiring personality, always pushing sports. Whether you were into athletics, soccer, cricket or whatever else, he had an impulse to advice you on techniques or attitude etc. Btw, I always thought Lemrick Ford was the name on his birthday certificate.

Ride on Norris Mathura mostly known as "Lemrick Ford"!