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Re: Commissioner 'Twice' Son of the Soil has passed

Fitzroy Bedeau QPM of Gouyave, St. John - Retired Commissioner of Police and ex employee of Geest Industries Ltd, passed away on Friday 23rd August, 2019 at the age of 74

Funeral Service on Friday 18th October, 2019 at 1:00 pm at The Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, St. George’s , Followed by Private Cremation

Re: Commissioner 'Twice' Son of the Soil has passed

My sympathy to the family of Fitzroy(twice). May his soul rest in peace. Pansy you are right that we as Grenadians(Gouyave) people does not respond to any kind of article unless they have to criticize. There are mainly three people who read and participate in this forum. Tony Decoteau, Hollis (melo) and Merle. We need to wake up Gouyave folks

Re: Commissioner 'Twice' Son of the Soil has passed

HEY merle u right about d posting seems like some gouyave forget about D gouyave Web Site LOL,Sorry to know about TWICE passing away Saw it on the LAqua death news some time ago.(REST IN PEACE TWICE)

Re: Commissioner 'Twice' Son of the Soil has passed

Greetings to you, Pansy and Lauristan. How is your daughter doing? I know how proud you guys are of her.

I laughed when I read your post in the Obituary explaining how Twice got that nickname. Maybe your dad's story was true, but Gouyave had a far more funny and laughable story about its origin. I'm sure Merle and Melo know it too. But here is not the place for retelling it, so check out the older Gouyave folks, and I'm sure someone will tell you.

Yes, Fitzroy "Twice" Bedeau certainly left a mark on the story of what Gouyave is all about. We all know about his exploits and achievements so no need recounting them. Many years ago I ran into Twice at Miami International Airport, where he asked his "official American government escort" to give him a minute to chat with me. Here was a man who never forgot his roots and old friends despite the heights he reached!!

It might have been another Anglican childhood school friend, but if I'm not mistaken Twice and I shared the same birthday, November 25th 1944. I am looking forward so much to celebrating it, that if I do, I'll be raising a glass to both Twice and myself on our 75th.

Except Barry I can't remember his other siblings or his children, but I do hope they all accept sincere condolences from an old school mate, fellow footballer, wave-lasher and above all a friend, Tony "Bashee" DeCoteau.

Rest in Peace, Twice.