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Passing off Bernard Wade

I am announcing the Passing of Bernard Wade also known as Sonbain who passed away in the USA ON Thursday 12/12/2019 he will be laid to Rest on Saturday 12/21/2019.

viewing will take place 11AM at

Saint Therese of Lisieux Roman Catholic

Address: 4402 Avenue D, Brooklyn, NY 11203

Re: Passing off Bernard Wade

Hey Author so sorry to hear of the passing of SONBAIN,Thought he was going to be Buried in GRENADA,MEET him once in GOUYAVE where his AUNT use to live in BACK STREET,(REST IN PEACE SONBAIN)

Re: Passing off Bernard Wade

The best part of being a child is how idyllic you can make your surroundings and the world.

I grew up believing Bernard (Son Bain) was my brother. After all we both had the same grandma, Ms. Ceaty, who lived with one of her daughters, Miss Idora (Ma) DeCoteau, my mother. To be sure he lived at our Tanty Georgiana's home, but he was mostly at ours with Wilton, my older brother, and of course helping out with his dearly beloved Ceaty.

When I finally found out that he was my deceased uncle's grandson, and therefore Ceaty's great-grandson, our brotherly relationship never ceased. We all know how migration has changed so much about family relations, but whenever we met whether it was in New York or back in Gouyave, Bernard was always my dear cousin.

Until we meet again, rest in peace my cousin, Bernard Son Bain Wade.