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Elizabeth Gooding

New Year greetings to the forum.Wishing you all success for 2020.I am looking for information on my great grandmother Elizabeth Gooding,her daughter Beatrice de Coteau was my
Grandmother,any assistance would be greatly appreciated.Her daughter Beatrice migrated to Trinidad and subsequently had my mother Florence,94,Reginald,Alphonso and Monica for my grandfather Samuel Bascombe.My mother and her bascombe siblings are Ali alive.Beatrice also had two sonsGeorge and Bernard de Coteau who died in 2007.George migrated to the Uk,he had one son Reggie who lives with his family in Grenada,Bernard had several children one of whom is Dr.KenrickLewis..


Re: Elizabeth Gooding

Hi Dianne Nurse Gittens, based on what you wrote, that makes you my cousin. I am from A PLACE CALLED GOUYAVE (my book's name), Grenada, and as I gather you are from Trinidad. Like you, there are many gaps that I simply can't fill about the DeCoteau line. Migration and most of all, "children must be seen not heard" syndrome, I believe, were the main culprits for those gaps.
Btw, there is a DeCoteau family site on Facebook, where folks throughout the USA and Caribbean are trying to put the pieces together. You might find it interesting and may be able to connect a line or two.

I don't know about the George you spoke of. But it's funny that his son had the same name as my deceased brother, Reginald "Kasheen" DeCoteau. Like me he lived in Gouyave before migrating to England. He later returned home to retire and died there.

What a joy it was to eventually meet your uncle Bernard when he moved from Kansas, as I recall, to spend some time with his son, Dr. Kenrick (DeCoteau) Lewis in Flushing Meadows, Queens. He filled in many gaps in our understanding, for example about how Kenny (Dr. Lewis) and I were related. He also told us many laughable stories about himself and my dad, John (Pipey) DeCoteau and their boyhood shenanigans.
Later he returned to Kansas and died there shortly thereafter.