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The passing of Lauristan Hosten

He would be my younger brother.

I was blest by the Almighty to have Lauristan Hosten in my life. He would have been my younger brother had there been a choice in who our siblings are.
The next best thing happened, though. He became one of the star pupils of my memorable Std. VI class during the last year I was a teacher in the St. John’s Catholic School in Gouyave, Grenada.
On one of my visits home many years later, I ran into the then adult Lauristan. He came over to Dr. John Wright’s home where I was staying, and over several glasses of fresh coconut water and several mangoes, we travelled back down memory lane of that lovable last Std. VI class that I last taught.

“Teach,” he said, “I always remembered what you used to tell me as a little boy.”
“I don’t recall, what was it?” I asked. “You are a smart boy, please don’t waste it,” he responded. “And thanks for the help you gave me and Stephen in Arithmetic.”
I honestly did not recall the conversation, but if it occurred, I didn’t realize at that time, that this was exactly what I was doing. But of course, I felt immensely proud that at least one of my students felt that I was a positive impact on his life.
The meaning of the line became apparent to me. “If I can help somebody then my living is not in vain.” Maybe the quote is not quite correct, but the sentiment certainly is.
Lauristan went on to tell me about his academic achievements and how he became an engineer to be working with the Grenada government. He also told me about the impressive academic achievements of his then high-school daughter.

A few years later, Lauristan called from California to ask if he and his wife, Pansy, could stay with us in Miami for a couple of days, as he was on his way back to Grenada. It was a no-brainer, because I and subsequently my wife too, thoroughly enjoyed his company.

Naturally, it was Lauristan to whom I turned when we were raising funds to extend the Dougladstan Cemetery shed in Gouyave. Not only did he oversee its construction, but he drew up and executed the plans for the additional men and women toilets that we raised enough funds to build.

We continued to keep in touch through an occasional call. But how I wished that I were back in Gouyave to pick up on the numerous discussions between Dr. Wright, Lauristan and I. Lauristan was so good at it.

Yesterday, it was with utter disbelief and sadness when I heard of the passing of Lauristan Hosten. It is said that those whom the Gods love best, die young. Goddbye, young man, and who knows, we may well have eternity to talk again.

My deepest sympathies to Pansy and family. Rest in peace, my friend.

Re: The passing of Lauristan Hosten

HEY TONY so sorry to have heard that LAURISTAN HOSTEN had passed away.MY sympathy to all close to him,(REST IN PEACE LAURISTAN)