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Rubber stamps with health insurance. The aldermen had 75,000,000 opportunities to prove otherwise. They didn't cut or change one dollar in the whole budget.
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Last Post: Jun 23, 2016 9:53am
by Sweeping Stateme...
PUBLIC SAFETY BUILDING NOW !! If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put the foundations under them. Henry David Thoreau So lets refresh ourselves with the City of Melrose Schools - Chec...
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Last Post: Jun 22, 2016 3:48pm
by Override for Pub...
Public Safety Center
The main fire station had to be evacuated this evening due to a gas leak. The fire station and police station need to be bombed! Why hasn't a new combo complex (like Wakefield) been built on the old Deering site or on Cory Street? Public Safety is far down on the...
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Last Post: Jun 21, 2016 5:38pm
Question on Water
There was a big ribbon cutting ceremony on Saturday at the Top of the Tank - a new underground reservoir that can provide emergency water to 22 communities (including Stoneham, Winchester, Revere...). It's an impressive accomplishment and facility - however Melrose...
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Last Post: Jun 20, 2016 8:18am
by Curious
Rats in the City!
I just saw postings on Melrose MA Community on Facebook about rats in the City of Melrose. There have been many sightings in the Mount Hood area and around the Common, and also around City Hall. There was a picture posted of a rat climbing the low brick retaining...
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Last Post: Jun 10, 2016 12:35am
by Anti-transparenc...
Traffic Congestion
It took me 25 minutes (7:45 to 8:10) to drive down Main Street from the Fellsway to Wyoming. What are the City Planners, BOA and Mayor going to do? The consequences of overcrowding/overbuilding on our streets and in our schools screams poor judgement and "planning"!
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Last Post: Jun 4, 2016 5:15pm
by 7 miles
Traffic Light
I blame Mayor Dolan 300% for the faulty traffic light on the intersection of Green St and Lynn Fells Parkway. Attached is a url for his Wikipedia page in case anyone is interested in Dolan Trivia. Back t...
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Last Post: May 22, 2016 9:28pm
by Rich kim
No Transparency Administration Does Not List Commission Members
This foul administration not only doesn't list (anywhere) the members of the various commissions, just try and find minutes, agendas, etc. of all but the Parks Commission. There is no excuse for this. How many times does it take for Robbie's administration to be foun...
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Last Post: May 23, 2016 8:05pm
by Agree
Parking & Traffic Woes
Thank you City Planner and Mayor Dolan for approving a plan to eliminate much needed parking in Melrose buy putting in those ridiculous bumps outs all over Essex St. The new bump out account for at least 4 less parking spaces. The Franklin Street renovation is...
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Last Post: May 18, 2016 1:34pm
by Willie
New Fire and Police Stations
Dolan just called for a committee to explore new public safety buildings. Not one woman is on the Committee except Denise G!
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Last Post: May 10, 2016 8:59am
by resident
Water Commission Contacts
Have a complaint about your water rates ? No need to go to an Aldermen's meeting. In the name of transparency, here are the members of the committee and their email addresses. Chair: John Scenna, Director of Public Works, Patrick...
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Last Post: May 4, 2016 2:33pm
by Village Voice
Shift Budget Priorities
When will the men and women who put their lives on the line for the rest of us be given respect? The buildings the fire and police professionals work in should be condemned. They are unsafe and violate laws of accessibility. The schools have had their chance. It...
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Last Post: May 3, 2016 2:24pm
by Blown It
Excerpts from The Atlantic's May issue cover story: "The secret shame of the middle class" by neal gabler "Since 2013, the federal reserve board has conducted a survey to 'monitor the financial and economic status of American consumers.' The answer to one question...
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Last Post: May 1, 2016 6:00pm
by Arnold Koch
Free Cash Parade
The Free Cash Parade has begun. Document here how much and where it all goes. $210,000.00 to "Fire Overtime" $547,246.05 to "Contract Stabilization Fund" $197,500.00 to "Capital Stabilization Fund" $120,000.00 to "Police Overtime" $ 58,500.00 to "Wyoming Cemet...
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Last Post: Apr 27, 2016 6:40pm
by Safety First
When then the BOA votes Monday evening to establish a Melrose Commission on Women, any male alderman who opposes it would probably find himself locked out of the house when he got home and labeled a misogynist. Yet, there there should be cause for concern....
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Last Post: Apr 8, 2016 1:46pm
by MFD
Community Must Confront its Issues of Racism and Bigotry
Melrose is now visibly a microcosm of some of the worst that is erupting around the country. It could be using these "teaching moments" to address its problems, and it must ultimately do so unless it wants to be known long-term for its bigotry and hypocrisy instead o...
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Last Post: Apr 7, 2016 4:26pm
by Liberalism
The Melrose Free Press has published an editorial saying it would be a “good thing” for Melrose to establish a Commission on Women. Once again, as with their endorsement of an override, we have an out-of-town publication (that you have to dial 97...
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Last Post: Mar 29, 2016 7:47am
by Melrose Commissi...
Melrose Commission on Men
When are the mayor and aldermen going to create and appoint the Melrose Commission on Men? Regardless of any inequities women and girls are subject to or support they need, there are plenty of issues concerning men and boys. I just heard girls today are far more...
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Last Post: Mar 27, 2016 11:32am
by Melrose Commissi...
drug dealers
Not being sarcastic here: what does it take to get the cops to actually do something about consistent, blatant drug dealing in our neighborhoods? Many complaints with zero results. Id really like to know how the system works and what is preventing the cops from cat...
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Last Post: Mar 12, 2016 5:17pm
by Meds
MFD embarrasses the City
Flash: Apparently, the FD Union "outed" the city for the condition of the main fire house. "no shame" Schenna toured the FD with reporters and hid certain sections of the station from them. No free access. No access to the "problem"areas. You think the Repor...
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Last Post: Mar 12, 2016 10:39am
by MFD or MFD?
Is anyone going to ask how the Mayor made almost 135000 when his salary is 125,000?
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Last Post: Mar 11, 2016 4:01pm
by Junior G
Praise From the Govenor
" I am pleased to join Mayor Dolan (for the Inaugural) as he begins another chapter in over two decades of service to the people and the City of Melrose. Mayor Dolan is a proven leader in the community ...." Melrose Weekly News 1/8/16. That's "one man's opinion"....
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Last Post: Feb 11, 2016 2:54pm
by MFD
Commission on Women
It will be interesting to see the appointments to the new Women's Commission. Diversity is assumed but it remains to be seen. Hopefully, the Commissioners will be representative of changing Melrose. If only white women with their mommy agendas are running the show,...
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Last Post: Feb 9, 2016 11:25am
by Hoping for Diffe...
Conn Nails It in Inaugural Speech Don Conn speech @ 37:36 January 11, 2016 Melrose Inaugural Finally! He vows to return to a "unitary water and sewer rate system"! Let's hold him to "having the fortitude" to accomplishing this. "We need to accept re...
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Last Post: Jan 25, 2016 5:38pm
by interested citiz...
City Water Paid by Residents
Free Press front page article today explains how the DPW Head and City Auditor, PDR "fixed the books" and rolled water municipal building costs into residential bills....send them to jail for theft.....VOTED NO on the Override.... Gut said not to trust the $ manipula...
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Last Post: Jan 10, 2016 8:04am
by MFD
Free Cash
The front page of today's Free Press has an article about the abundance of "Free Cash". How can any elected official in this city look themselves in the mirror, if they supported the Override. NO to any new fees or taxes, Our family is proud we voted NO on the OVERR...
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Last Post: Jan 1, 2016 1:03pm
by Very Sad
PDR worked in Melrose...then Plymouth...then back to Melrose...what is the story behind the job switching cycle? What/how did RD/Melrose cooperate...? Plymouth officials allowed PDR to leave quickly and quietly....his fiscal competence was widely questioned and his t...
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Last Post: Dec 23, 2015 7:21pm
by fed up
Patrick Dello Russo Leaves Plymouth with 1.6 Million Dollar Sewer Deficit
In 2003 Patrick resigned from Plymouth to be the CFO in Melrose. But it seems he neglected to tell Plymouth Town officials that the Enterprise Account was short 1.6 million before he left. And this thug as the audacity to question Ms. Mederios! His behavior at...
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Last Post: Dec 19, 2015 7:58pm
by Observer
Snow Slaves
Now the city wants to make us slaves to clear the city snow and charge us if we don't do it quick enough for them. Next they'll want us to shovel the roads. If they want all the sidewalks shoveled according to their time frame, they should do it themselves instea...
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Last Post: Dec 17, 2015 1:55pm
by Waaah
Coalition Forming for a Better Melrose
There are some community members joining with a couple of our civic leaders to call for action in returning Melrose to a more civil and decent community, where our elected and paid officials will be held accountable. The recent direct abuses of two of our elected off...
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Last Post: Dec 17, 2015 12:02pm
by Take Back Melros...
Million $ Free Cash
The BOA meeting tonight will decide how to spend one million in "free cash" suddenly found...proof once again that we never needed an override. Our budget process is far from open or transparent. Political leadership in Melrose cannot be trusted. The margin of defea...
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Last Post: Dec 16, 2015 12:21pm
by Pitiful
City and School Budget
The total city budget is $72 million. School Committee put out a report a while back showing they spend $53 million. The $19 million is what the city runs on - not very much money to do all the police, fire, roads, trash, water and sewer, seniors and city hall. The m...
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Last Post: Dec 16, 2015 9:24am
by block walker
Merry Christmas
So have you heard the news? The mayor has declared he will pay all city employees portion of their health insurance for the month of December amounting to over 100k. Not him personally but courtesy of the taxpayers. While this is a very nice gesture on his part doe...
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Last Post: Dec 3, 2015 12:08am
by Speechless
water bill
Who wants to lead the charge against these higher water bills? I would love to join the brigade, and I'm sure a lot of people would be behind it! Peaceful assembly!f
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Last Post: Nov 20, 2015 12:16am
by No water answers
I agree, the water bills are out of sight. How is a senior to keep up with all the increases! And to the person who says "go green"how do you know they don't have a water bucket. Don't make assumptions, this is a tough world and finances make it tougher.
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Last Post: Nov 15, 2015 2:48pm
by resident
Time to Organize a New City Charter Committee
It's time to gather a community group to fix our colossally screwed up charter to remove (1) the mayor from the School Committee, (2) put back a Recall option for citizens (there isn't one), (3) correct the language that would require a mayor to give up holdings in a...
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Last Post: Nov 15, 2015 8:55am
by Huh?
I had to sit down after I opened my latest water bill yesterday. The rates, bills, tiers and meter charges are confusing, unfair and out of control. Every candidate for public office during the next election cycle needs to make this issue front and center. No one in...
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Last Post: Nov 13, 2015 8:02am
by New Charter Now ...
Override FAIL!!!!!
I want to say my faith in the people of Melrose is restored. I was worried seeing all the Vote yes lawn signs which by the way are against city ordinance, and the vote yes bumper stickers. But the silent majority shined through. All of you who voted yes and are n...
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Last Post: Nov 10, 2015 7:16pm
by DEM
Thank you Bob Burgess Editor of the Melrose Weekly News!
Kudos to Bob Burgess of the Melrose Weekly News for devoting an entire page of the paper to the City-wide election results. It's interesting and very telling that Dolan does not have the support he thinks he does. 1861 people left the ballot "blank". That's 22.6 perc...
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Last Post: Nov 10, 2015 8:06am
by patricia wright
road work
When are you going to order repaving of Main St from W wyoming to Pine Banks? Our houses shake and have cracks in the walls from the trucks and the cracks in the street!
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Last Post: Nov 4, 2015 10:46pm
by resident
Thanks everybody! The conspiracy theories, the anti-government diatribes, and the complaining about PTO moms has been loads of fun to read. It's 7am Tuesday, and I'm headed down to vote yes. Cheers!
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Last Post: Nov 4, 2015 6:26pm
by Better Fun
"Yes" way ahead on Facebook likes
As of 10:57am the "Say Yes to Melrose" Facebook page has 595 Likes as compared to 117 for the Melrose Taxpayers Alliance page. That is a margin of over 5 to 1. If this trend holds up in the voting booths it will be a landslide victory for the "YES" votes. In my opini...
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Last Post: Nov 4, 2015 1:04pm
by Truth
The People Have Spoken
The mayor really thought this nonsense would pass? Can anyone say "out of touch" with what our city needs. I wish I had a picture of those sheep holding a "vote yes" sign yesterday. I pity the fools!
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Last Post: Nov 4, 2015 7:48am
by MFD
City Falling Apart
The override failed last night and the city is falling apart already. George Pazos must have screwed up the city web site so bad that Google isn't allowing access to it because of all the malware on it.
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Last Post: Nov 4, 2015 7:26am
by Tech
How are Election Results Tabulated?
What I am asking about is who actually counts the votes. I realize it is somewhat automated process because we put our cards in the machine after voting but who oversees the final process? Are they truly objective? So many things in this city are not done objecti...
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Last Post: Nov 4, 2015 5:42am
by Willie
$750,000 SLUSH FUND
Early on I was behind the override because it's obvious the schools need fixing. Now I find out that 1/3 of the override is to give the mayor a slush fund of at least $750,000. I'm voting no on it now. I changed my mind when I found out that the mayor keeps slush...
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Last Post: Nov 3, 2015 3:47pm
by MFD
“ I know a lot of you are saying, ‘What can i do, I’m just a little punk. I don’t count.’ Well, you’re dead wrong. The little punks have always counted because, in the long run, the character of a country or town is the sum total...
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Last Post: Nov 3, 2015 2:46pm
by You Do Know
My no vote
I will vote "no" on the override question because a yes vote continues the status quo while a no vote forces the district to consider alternative means to meet educational obligations, and THAT I believe is necessary for our students to thrive. I consider it a co...
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Last Post: Nov 3, 2015 11:17am
by What?
Clarification regarding override mailing Posted Nov. 2, 2015 at 12:09 PM MELROSE A note to our readers: It has come to our attention that a mailing was sent out to homes in Melrose with an image resembling the front page of the Melrose Free Press. The mail...
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Last Post: Nov 3, 2015 12:26am
by Not Trying to be...
Bullet Voting
Remember folks the ballot will say "VOTE FOR NOT MORE THAN THREE" for the School Committee and "VOTE FOR NOT MORE THAN FOUR" for Alerman-at-Large. However, you don't have to vote for 3 on the SC and 4 At-Large. If you really like a candidate as compared to the others...
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Last Post: Nov 2, 2015 11:09am
by Bullet voting
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