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Alderman & City Politics
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Speeding on Wyoming
A car hit and killed a 79 year old Barber on Wyoming Avenue in front of his shop. How fast was the driver going? Was the driver texting or talking on their cell phone? The traffic and speeding in this neighborhood is out of control. The Melrose Patch story made me...
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Last Post: May 1, 2018 10:40am
by True
Audit The City Budget
The entire City Budget needs a Forensic Audit before any additional bonding, debt exclusions or an override are discussed
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Last Post: Apr 30, 2018 7:18pm
by Oh, Yes
Water and Sewer
Go to the Water and Sewer Meeting Agenda on the City of Melrose Calendar this week. An agenda item lists moving "Water and Sewer Debt to Real Estate Taxes" What the hell does that mean? Our taxes are about to skyrocket with the Water and Sewer mismanagement and t...
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Last Post: Apr 23, 2018 7:50pm
by So?
Inequality and Anxiety
Income inequality and anxiety about life is widespread everywhere. An Override in Melrose is not fiscally affordable or psychology possible for the majority of voters. An Override can be proposed and defended by candidates running for Mayor in 2019, if deemed necess...
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Last Post: Apr 21, 2018 5:11pm
by Curious
Essex St
Just curious. I noticed the large parking lot on Essex St for Hallmark Health. Do they pay the city taxes to use this?
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Last Post: Apr 5, 2018 9:10pm
by Resident
Boisselle Retirement?
There was a notation in the April retirement newsletter congratulating Bob Boisselle on his retirement. What's up with that?
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Last Post: Apr 4, 2018 2:12pm
by M10
New Chair needed for the Melrose Democratic Committee. Sam Hammar stepped down to run against Jason Lewis. This week's meeting includes electing her replacement and welcoming Senator Lewis as the guest speaker. Strike anyone else as strange? It will be interesting...
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Last Post: Mar 29, 2018 7:29pm
by ED
Infurna's million-dollar payday...Hope you read this in last week's papers.
How ironic that the theme of Rob Dolan’s farewell speech was: “Keep investing in yourselves.” He and the Board of Aldermen could have done the right and incredibly cost-effective thing for the taxpayers and city employees by creating an open electio...
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Last Post: Mar 4, 2018 11:37am
by Hassan Ben Sober
Aldermen benefits
I want to thank Interim Mayor Gail Infurna for her written explanation about join the city retirement system 20 years ago as a part-time alderman and thus is not eligible for a life pension after her mayoral term in two years. Fortunately, taxpayers should know that...
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Last Post: Feb 13, 2018 2:19pm
by Snow is a fraud
Bumpah Stickah
The new bumper sticker around town captures the true essence of Melrose politics. It shows looks like someone shoved the Melrose "M" right through a Valentine's heart.
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Last Post: Feb 4, 2018 10:53am
by Skip Town
Normal Melrose Politics
Just read Ed's comments regarding Rob. The fact that OC is the "new normal" of Melrose Politics is depressing! The Felon writes a 2 part series in the FP and is now VC of SC. He then bloviates about RD. Traitor Infurna stabs (former bff) Zwirko in the back. The "...
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Last Post: Feb 3, 2018 1:41pm
by Clem
Gail and The Trumpsters
Jen Lemmerman and Kate Lipper Garabedian flushed their reputations down the toilet. JL and KL-G are acting like true red republicans. They are are colluding and complicit with Gail and Rob. Disgusting! I voted for both of them last November and would take my votes ba...
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Last Post: Jan 22, 2018 10:38am
by Second
BOA & SC Lapdogs instead of Watch Dogs. Time for Checks and Balances Again
To date both the BOA and certainly the SC have functioned as lapdogs instead of guard dogs in providing appropriate oversight to those in the Executive branch. It's way past time that both the BOA and SC begin conducting themselves as the Checks and Balances to the E...
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Last Post: Jan 18, 2018 10:30am
by Melrosian
New Aldermen and SC Members Already Stained
On both boards the new members have already proven themselves as part of the Giant Melrose Rubber Stamp, with their recent votes for the leaders of the two boards and their sycophant statements in support of those disappointing positions. K L-G started out with a...
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Last Post: Jan 18, 2018 10:16am
by clarity
"New" Police Station
Are you kidding me? They want to turn the main fire house into a police station? Are they on crack? A police station needs to be designed and built to be a police station. They could completely gut that fire building and still fail to make it a fully functional poli...
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Last Post: Jan 15, 2018 9:01am
by Wine Girl
Special Election Would offer Fresh Blood ?
Would a special election allow any Melrose resident to run for Mayor ? If so, think of all the fresh, highly-qualified, talent that is so sorely needed and available to oversee a multi-million dollar enterprise ? We deserve better for the challenges ahead.
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Last Post: Jan 11, 2018 5:16pm
by Yup
Congratulations To The Mayor
Congratulations to Mayor Dolan, who has managed one more time to find a way to screw the people of Melrose.
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Last Post: Jan 10, 2018 11:00am
Mayor leaving for Lynnfield?
From Wicked local: Mayor Rob Dolan has been named a finalist for the position of Lynnfield Town Administrator. Dolan was announced as one of two finalists for the Lynnfield position at the town’s Dec. 11 Board of Selectmen meeting. A screening committee...
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Last Post: Jan 9, 2018 3:23pm
by You Want Ugly?
Pension Issues and the Interim Mayor
There is a larger issue in the interim Mayor decision that I hope the members of this community work to make their voices heard. I know I will be sending an e-mail to each Alderman. If Gail Infurna gets the post for the next 2 years the Mayors salary of $125,000 per...
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Last Post: Dec 23, 2017 11:55pm
by Phillips
My Christmas wish is that Melrose take the opportunity to move toward greater Transparency in these unexpected political times. I've read about The City Charter, deadline dates, BOA games and the uncertainty facing Melrose government and Melrose taxpayers. Even tho...
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Last Post: Dec 23, 2017 11:49pm
by Diamond
Done Deal
Doughboy was offered the job this morning and accepted. Tonight's meeting is just a charade (like all the Melrose meetings), since the deal was already done in secret (just the way Rob likes it). Tonight they are just there for him to try and up the salary.
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Last Post: Dec 22, 2017 7:11am
by Willie
Latest Margolis Insurance Con We Pay For
Con artist MBMM was overheard at the fair with other insiders talking about how she went from fleecing residents with free insurance from being an alderman now fleecing residents for free insurance through Melrose television. She works hand in hand with Dolan to set...
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Last Post: Dec 11, 2017 9:04am
by Cable Bill
Katherine Clark voted to impeach Trump! He has done nothing impeachable and this country is in better shape than it's been in a long time. Her vote was based solely on the fact that she hates him. Vote her out!
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Last Post: Dec 8, 2017 12:12pm
by Forced To Agree
Melrose Sees Significant Hike in Opioid-Related Overdose Deaths Melrose 2012 1 death 2013 5 deaths 2014 4 deaths 2015 2 deaths 2016 8 deaths And predictably you haven't been informed about this from the administration, the Ch...
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Last Post: Dec 2, 2017 11:19pm
by deaths
Speed enforcement
Can somebody please explain why police in this town are so averse to doing any sort of meaningful speed enforcement? Why do they have such a high tolerance for speeding on local roads? People are fed up with speeding and the police don't seem to care.
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Last Post: Dec 1, 2017 4:13pm
by Respect
Classic election day beat down for the haters on Melrose Messages and their favored candidates. Another gigantic miss by NH resident Bob Snow.
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Last Post: Nov 14, 2017 4:05pm
by noticed
Dems and City Elections
I'm a Democrat. It hurts our party that the Democratic City Committee is endorsing candidates simply because they're registered Democrats. Many of those candidates want to keep in force the existing power structure despite that it's aligned against traditional democr...
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Last Post: Nov 13, 2017 6:32pm
by DNC
November 7 Election...
The Melrose Weekly would not run the following as an oped or letter -- or even as a PAID political ad. Very troubling to have such denial of access to the public. I ask all readers herein to consider the following for November 7. And refer such to family and friends....
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Last Post: Nov 8, 2017 3:29pm
by Election Beat Do...
Election night
Demand a recount! Then will see how close it was.
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Last Post: Nov 8, 2017 11:48am
by 5-1
Obituary: Patricia M. (Shea) Wright
Patricia M. (Shea) Wright 9/23/2017 Patricia M. (Shea) Wright, age 54, of Melrose, formerly of Brighton passed away at home on Saturday, September 23, 2017. Born in Verdun, France on October 26, 1962, she was a loving daughter of Paul V. and Anne Marie (Guille...
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Last Post: Nov 6, 2017 7:56pm
by DaughterRemember...
Alderman Mortimer
Hi Folks. In the last few days I have received many comments and input about the Ward 6 Alderman-at-Large race. It is impt for as many facts as possible to not only inform voters of saiient info, but also call our elected officials to task about misrepresentations. F...
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Last Post: Nov 6, 2017 6:00pm
by voter
Melrose Dem Party Repeatedly Violates Campaign Laws and Required to Pay Fine
A small but significant example of the contemptuous conduct of the local Dems, especially when it comes to state and federal laws: "Melrosee Dems Rack Up Campaign Finance Violations" Letters from the Office of Campaign Finance reveal illegal fundraising of Melros...
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Last Post: Nov 6, 2017 5:07pm
by Jennifer
Wood Buildings
Just saw on the evening news that a 3rd building with thin/cheap lumber frame structures caught on fire. The building looks like the one being constructed on Corey. The Planning Department and Building Inspector should check this site out. Melrose is cutting corne...
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Last Post: Nov 5, 2017 9:07pm
by Bull****
I thought we were not allowed to have political signs on our lawns in Melrose. There are many many signs throughout the city. Also I read that an Alderman is double dipping. How did this happen ? One more question. Do all of the Alderman in Melrose receive healt...
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Last Post: Nov 3, 2017 6:08pm
by wacko
More fake news from Melrose Free Press again
Top fake news article in Melrose Free Press this week: "Melrose Tops Zippia's List of Most Successful Cities in Massachusetts" based primarily on Median Family Income data (who the hell knows who Zippia is any ways??). It turns out the data they used was incorrect...
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Last Post: Oct 26, 2017 9:23pm
by DR Sock
Melrose Dems
Sad to see that the Melrose Democratic City Committee is making the local races blatantly partisan...apparently we're all supposed to go out and vote for Alderman and SC candidates on the basis of who we want to see in Congress in a few years, NOT what is actually go...
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Last Post: Oct 25, 2017 3:39pm
by SC
Medical marijuana
What a weasel/no testicular fortitude move by the BOA amending the zoning so it only allows medical marijuana businesses in Melrose on Rte 99.
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Last Post: Oct 4, 2017 1:35pm
by Resident
MORE's Mission ?
The new group MORE: Melrose Organizes for Real Equality apparently is not "open to all". I tried to access their Facebook page now and it is a closed group. You have to be approved to view it or participate. A neighbor told us that some guy named "Sam" asked if they...
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Last Post: Oct 2, 2017 10:00am
by Forum's Purpose
Plastic Bag Committee
No big surprise that there is now an eliminate the use of plastic bags committee in Melrose. Somehow, the committee couldn't get the 3 stores in Melrose who dispense plastic bags in large quantities to limit their usage, so now Melrose residents get to take care of...
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Last Post: Sep 26, 2017 11:32pm
by Again
Change Name to Board of Fools
Watching the Aldermen's Meeting discussing charter changes. Change the name to Board of Fools. And change the city name to City of Fools, also. That will bring the names in line with reality.
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Last Post: Sep 23, 2017 4:59pm
by cats out of the ...
Consensus on override vote
Whats the general consensus on MM of whether or not this crowd would support an override to upgrade or replace the police and fire facilities in Melrose?
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Last Post: Sep 22, 2017 3:12pm
by Pass
Manisha at The Farmers Market
The Sally Frank Market should be free of formal political campaigning. I read on The Farmer's Market page that "Manisha for Melrose" is listed as the Business Vendor on 10-12. This is inappropriate. BOA at Large Candidate, Manisha Bewtra should do the right thing...
Views: 743   Replies: 14
Last Post: Sep 6, 2017 5:36pm
by Monica
I went on the SFFM website. Updated information has been posted. They announced hosting a Thanksgiving Market in November but not a monthly Winter's Market. "Manisha for Melrose" is still listed as the "Business Vendor" on October 12th. Obviously, she has not asked...
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Last Post: Sep 5, 2017 9:55am
by Melrose Fail
Melrose Needs Credible Thinking Candidates to Pull Papers
Looking at the line-up of SC and BOA candidates to date, it's increasingly clear that Melrose will be no better off with some of the challengers than with the cast of Go-Along-To-Get-Along incumbents, in fact in some cases likely worse. Several have listed their a...
Views: 732   Replies: 20
Last Post: Sep 3, 2017 10:04am
by Messy
BOA Votes to Keep Mayor on SC and other Regressive Actions
Even though it's quite probable that the majority of Melrosians would vote to remove the mayor from the School Committee, only Monica, Scott and Don attempted to move that forward in this week's BOA mtg of which I had the misfortune of watching a re-run (a revolting...
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Last Post: Sep 2, 2017 8:18pm
by Concerned Melros...
Job Coach
Is the Job Coach for Special Needs at the High School a new position? What does this job entail?
Views: 248   Replies: 1
Last Post: Aug 29, 2017 5:50pm
by job coach
Sanctuary City
Does anyone remember who the Aldermen were who voted to declare Melrose a Sanctuary City..even though it was later tabled ?
Views: 1337   Replies: 34
Last Post: Aug 28, 2017 10:26pm
by Not so fast
Total Hypocrisy of Melrose So-Called Leaders re Racism
from yesterday's FP article: "Mayor Robert Dolan said direct action is sometimes necessary to oppose the forces of hate, as demonstrators in Boston recently did, vastly outnumbering and out-messaging a small group of white supremacists. He recalled a gathering of neo...
Views: 251   Replies: 1
Last Post: Aug 26, 2017 7:01am
by The Face of Real...
Alderman Name Change STILL Not Dead
The taxpayer-funded Melrose Commission on Women just cannot let this one drop. They continue to post on their Facebook page trying to manufacture outrage over the historical name of the Board of Aldermen. Aside from the irony of this whole non-issue being created by...
Views: 374   Replies: 10
Last Post: Aug 25, 2017 12:30pm
by The Town Crier
Godfather Thief
Will the City of Melrose still pay the pension and health insurance of the Mayor's Godfather Thief, Mike Hughes? He should go to jail. Melrose Patch said he worked with a municipal employee. Who?
Views: 1039   Replies: 22
Last Post: Aug 22, 2017 8:03pm
by Boy
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