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Human Rights Commission is promoting religion.

I am not sure why people of Melrose are tolerating their tax money being paid to promote Islam?

Human Rights Commission recently spent thousands hosting Iftar party for Muslims. Is this the role of Human Rights Commission? I don't think so!

It's like the Human Rights Commission has become the mouthpiece of Islam. If H4C of Melrose wants to promote diversity, what about Indians, Chinese, Jews and heck why not Shia Islam? HRC has become a mic for one Sunni Arab Islamic family of Melrose.

HRC brought BLM to Melrose MA. I laud HRC for that but other than that they are continually aligning themselves with a mosque in Malden and trying to shove what has started to appear like Propaganda on us.

All HRC Events centre on Islam. What is up with that? Muslim families are not even the most substantial minorities. Blacks, Chinese, Indians and Latinos are the minorities in Melrose.

Besides, HRC should be promoting human rights based on secular ideals
not laws and culture of ONE sect of a religion.

Look, if its a private organisation, I could care less. But they are a government body. Melrose Local Government is hosting Iftar parties and spending thousands not on poverty, inequality, or after school programs.

Besides HRC Melrose should be promoting secularism and tolerance, focusing on gender, race, immigration, LGBT Rights issues. All they do is host events for us to get to know Islam better.

Melrose government above all is violating the rules enshrined in our constitution, by embracing religion and hosting a religious dinner.

We should do something about it. Wasting thousands of our tax dollars to host Iftar party for non-existent Melrose Muslims is not only ridiculous but bordering on violation of our constitution.

Imagine if that money was to be used to feed the elderly or sick in Melrose during summer when non-profits in Melrose, state, people, donate less to pantries.

But, I guess spending our hard earned tax money to host a lavish Iftar party is more important to our elitist elected representatives than promoting rights of the hungry voters.

Re: Human Rights Commission is promoting religion.

With one exception, I completely agree. I just can't support or even tolerate a group - BLM - who actively promotes the killing of police officers. Other than that, everything else you said is spot on. It's seems crystal clear to me that the biggest threat we face as a nation is not from without, but from within.